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night vision
laser range finders
  All About Laser Range Finders
All About Laser Range Finders

What is a laser range finder?

A laser range finder, simply put it will tell you how far away you are from an object. As always there are factors effecting performance.

Ideal Conditions

Interfering Conditions


Cloudy White,

Shiny object

Bright sunlight

Snow, Rain Dark,

Dull objects

The Range Finder is still accurate to 1m but the distance it is able to measure is influenced. All range finders regardless of brand are limited by these parameters. A white reflective target can always be ranged further than a dark dull one.

So how does it know how far it is to the object?

Well, in lay mans terms, hundreds of lasers are emitted towards an object, they then bounce off the object and are collected by the machine, calculated using some huge scientific formula, and then give you an accurate reading on the distance.


What type of laser do your Laser Range Finders Use?

Our Laser Range Finders use a Class 1 eye-safe laser.

Glossary of terms:

Accuracy - shown in meters or yards, it is how precise the measurement given is. For example 1+ m means it is exact to within one meter of the object you are measuring.

Target Quality Indicator - is based on how many lasers were returned and collected after bouncing off the object. The reading is more precise when the device receives more readings. This is read as high, med or low.

Reticle - seen through the eyepiece when looking at an object, gives a point of reference to center over the image. Is usually a cross or a small square.

Automatic Scan - means that without doing anything more than holding a button down measurements will continuously be taken of different objects the finder is pointed at.

Automatic Rain Mode - will distinguish between lasers bounced off raindrops and off of the object you are intending to range and give you the true measurement.

Automatic 100m Mode - the range finder will disregard brush, or other foreground clutter and measure past it to your intended target.




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Thursday 25 July, 2024
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